My Shared Vacation

Apartment in Boston
Apartment in Boston

I just came back from vacation. My boys had a week left before school started; my wife had too much work to do. I figured it would be nice to take them north.
My brother and sister-in-law were spending two weeks in Kennebunkport, ME. I only could spare two weeks and didn’t think my children could tolerate a Maine beach (I was right). We decided to fly into Boston, spend a few days there and then head to Maine. I get nervous staying in hotels in old cities. I often discover, at an inopportune time, that the room is MUCH smaller than I had expected. Earlier this summer I went to San Francisco for a meeting. I stayed at a lovely hotel, but the bed was very small, and there was very little room to navigate around this bed. To accommodate the small space, the TV was mounted to the ceiling.
That didn’t bother me much, because I was alone. This time, I would be with my three boys and I couldn’t afford to be in cramped surroundings.
That’s where “Sharing” came to the rescue. I found a terrific two bedroom apartment. It was bright and spacious. It had decks at the front and rear of the apartment and included parking. My kids had enough space that they weren’t on top of one another.
We left for central Boston on the “T” (Boston’s subway) Unfortunately, the line was down and a bus took us along the route. We wandered throughout the town until we were completely worn out (Boston is a great walking city) We didn’t feel like dealing with our dysfunctional subway situation (weekend rail work) and took advantage of Lyft as our method of transportation. Each Lyft driver was pleasant and described a company that paid them quickly and fairly. Each driver was working the hours that worked for them to supplement their other income sources.
When we finished our time in Boston, we headed to Kennebunkport where we stayed in a beautiful 4 bedroom home. It was far better than a hotel room. We had a big family barbeque for our extended family and invited some friends. The house we rented was interesting. The back part of the house was converted into guest quarters and the owners were living back there. They were very happy to have the additional income stream and were using it to purchase another property in Florida.Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.17.58 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.18.09 PM
There are many people who attack the sharing economy. I can only tell you that I had a wonderful vacation through the advantage of sharing and, my hosts, drivers, etc. seemed very pleased with their benefits.