Obamacare is not the problem. It’s our shameful care of our seniors

Another day, another assault on the elderly.  I’m not talking about the actions of House Republicans.  I’m talking about the lack of action on our seniors.  Like healthcare, senior-care is outrageously expensive.  Some can afford it. Most can’t.  The average worth of retired seniors, including home equity, is less than $50,000.  Social security is an essential for 2/3 of our seniors.

What do our leaders do?  They look to cut and limit these meager stipends.  God forbid you actually require help.  We will help you once you are left with essentially no assets.  Is this compassion??  For our parents??

If senior solutions are an issue that you feel require more innovation, I beg you to take a look at the solutions at Room2Care.com.  I will avoid details, they are readily available on the site.  Suffice it to say that by providing a network of caregiver homes, Room2Care is the AirBNB of senior care.  It allows for low cost ways to provide support to keep our parents in the community.

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For Seniors, there’s a lot to be sad about